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Costs of a wedding planner

Let a professional handle your wedding, so all your plans and hard work is not going to waste.

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Many people's first thoughts are, aren't wedding planners a waste of money...

It honestly all comes down to personal preference, but let me tell you a few points from my own experience.

Do you want to be wrangling everyone on your wedding day and making sure things are on time and flowing smoothly? What about in the morning when you are supposed to be enjoying getting ready, do you want to be worrying if your vendors are on time?

That's where a Wedding Planner like myself comes in!

Wedding Coordinator Calgary

The little things throughout the day that matter.



We make sure your vendors are on time & setup according to the plan we create together.



Last thing you need to worry about is if everyone is ready to go before the ceremony, we got this.



We make sure gifts & cards are gathered and given to designated person before the night is over.

Wedding Table Set

I planned my own wedding from Alberta, with it being held in Ontario. I had no idea how to plan a wedding, what was needed and what wasn’t. Where to splurge on the budget and where to cut back. What to DIY and what to rent or buy. I had no one to help me, guide me, provide wisdom or words of encouragement. I was lost, confused and stressed with no relief in sight.


I, naively trusted everyone to read my plans and to handle their duty without someone to oversee their every move… I was wrong. For example, the decor was not set up how I envisioned, the microphone was placed awkwardly in between my spouse and I, the guest favours were not displayed as discussed, and neither was the sweetheart table. These imperfections could have been corrected if I had hired a professional to oversee and take care of all these details so that I was not worrying and wondering while I was trying to relax and get ready to marry my soul mate. That is my one regret, I needed someone to be the extension of me ensuring everything that I had planned was being done just how I hoped.

All of the unnecessary craziness that occurred that day sparked this passion to ensure no one feels anything less than amazing while planning for their special day.

Full Planning Package


All you want to do is get married with none of the stress or time commitments that comes from planning a wedding. Planning a wedding is a part-time job in and of itself, and with a busy schedule you may not have the time or energy to put into planning. Let me take on the many hours it takes to ensure your wedding day is everything you’d hoped it would be!

Full planning service involves research, recommendations and assistance with the payment tracking for required vendors, assistance with wedding invitations and your wedding website, assisting with planning/coordination of your rehearsal dinner party, wedding rehearsal direction, a detailed wedding day schedule, assistance with seating chart, reserve seating for immediate family for the ceremony, queuing of bridal party for ceremony and grand entrance into the reception, assisting the photographers in organizing family and bridal party for portraits.

Starting at $5250


Assisted Planning Package

You enjoy planning but are unsure how to plan a wedding, how to read or negotiate contracts, what you need, how to stay on budget and on track? I’m here to assist you in your wedding planning, we’ve got this! Planning a wedding can take between 100 to 400 hours of work. As a team, we will work together to plan your perfect day, keep the stress levels low and workload down so that you enjoy this process. Team work makes the dream work!

Research and recommendations for required vendors that fit with your wedding style, wedding rehearsal direction, detailed wedding day schedule, assistance with seating chart, reserve seating for immediate family for the ceremony, queuing of bridal party for ceremony and grand entrance into the reception.

Starting at $3250

Day of Coordinator

Wedding Management
aka Day of Wedding Coordinator

You've planned your wedding, now you need your day to go according to your plans! Pass your plans to a professional who will provide vendor management, schedule management, and production management so you can relax, knowing everything is being taken care of.

We ensure all vendor deliveries are timely and also deal with unplanned slips during the day, as well as queuing for the Bridal Party for the ceremony and general coordination of every detail on your day. We ensure all vendor payments are complete. We also provide you peace of mind by keeping the reception on a timely schedule. As well as collection of all gifts, they are secured and delivered to the assigned person or place.

Starting at $1750

Set Up & Tear Down

Need a hand that can be trusted to bring your vision to life just the way you planned it? I’ve got you covered! Cailin Billings Events will provide as many hands as needed and will manage the vendor’s set up and tear down. We are the first ones in and the last ones out, your wedding ninjas!

We can make certain all vendor deliveries are timely and deal with unplanned slips during the day, set up of ceremony location, take down of Wedding Ceremony and “turn around” of the room into reception setup, set up of all décor, flowers, centerpieces, seating chart, place settings, favour distribution, guest book table, gift table etc. as required, and take down of the reception. We always leave the venue the way it was given to us to prevent any unplanned charges or discrepancies.

Starting at $1050

Fly Free Photography-140.jpg

My favourite part of being your planner is towards the end of the occasion, looking around the room, feeling the immense joy that comes from a successfully executed event. The guests get to fully indulge in the festivities we worked so hard to create and you, my client, are not thinking about anything but enjoying this happy time in your life!

CE Wed C-765.jpg

Wedding Planning Assistance (Consultation Meetings)

Meetings designed to keep you on track, review budgets, review contracts if needed, to answer any of your questions, preferred vendor suggestions, review or assist your wedding day of schedule, or review to do lists and provide areas that may be missed.

Your wedding, your way. Family and friends may have suggestions and tips but remember at the end of the day you are the one getting married. Let’s sit down and get you to your wedding goals.

Starting at $350 for 4 meetings, $99 for each additional meeting.

Micro Weddings / Elopements

I help you find vendors based on your vision, provide contract and payment management for all vendors, ensure all vendor deliveries are timely and deal with unplanned slips. Coordinate with vendors and provide assistance for the set up of the ceremony space such as the welcome table, signage, aisle, flowers, registry table, etc. As well as, take down the ceremony ensuring the location is left in the condition it was received to avoid any unplanned charges or discrepancies.

Starting at $1495

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Q: When should I hire an event or wedding planner?

Answer: Like many vendors, wedding and event planners are booked solid, a year or more in advance. To ensure your top choice in vendors are available, please book well in advance.

Q: How many hours goes into planning a wedding?

Answer: 100-400 hours depending on the scope of work involved. Planning a wedding is a part-time job.

Q: Do you make all the wedding planning decisions without us?

Answer: Absolutely not! Depending on the wedding package or event services being provided to you, we do the research, emails with the vendors on your behalf and present you with a quote to approve or request adjustments prior to booking the vendor.

Q: Who should hire a wedding coordinator?

Answer: Planning an event is a part-time job, and juggling that with your current schedule can be overwhelming. Whether you are a student, busy professionals, a family with varying schedules, a supportive spouse, a caregiver, regardless who you are, you deserve the help!

Consider hiring a professional planner to save you time and your sanity.



Have questions? Ready to book? Either way,

We're excited to make your day!

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